A Heart for Duns provides a central hub to bring people together for business, social and community good to grow, prosper and regenerate parts of our community, focusing on inclusion and wellbeing.

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic began to become apparent, in March 2020 AHFD formed the Duns Community Action Group. This circulated a flyer to every local household and set up a Facebook page offering help to elderly, self-isolating and vulnerable people during lockdown. Many volunteers came forward to offer practical support to the community, through activities such as grocery shopping and dog walking.

To encourage sharing in the community, in May we set up the Sentry Box (a repurposed stage prop) outside the Hall. This has become a popular hub for people to share books, DVDs, toys and puzzles. Later AHFD joined the Community Fridge Network, an initiative by the UK charity Hubbub, which offers a simple and effective way to share food that would otherwise go to waste. In September we set up two fridges donated by Hubbub in the Hall foyer, though plans are under way to create a purpose-built home for them outside the Hall. Donated food is freely available from about 9am to 6pm every day.

For many years AHFD has also supported Blooming Marvellous, an initiative to set up and maintain community planting schemes around the town.