Volunteers play a vital role at A Heart for Duns and wider community, and we appreciate the incredible work of our volunteers. Now, is the great time to join our team – scroll down to read more about how to get involved.

Why volunteer with A Heart for Duns?

– Make a difference in the community

At A Heart for Duns, we believe that volunteers are the heartbeat of our organisation. They inspire our visitors and create unforgettable experiences at the Volunteer Hall. So if you are passionate about making a positive impact in your local community, we invite you to join us and become a vital part of our team.

– Meet new people

Bu joining our amazing team of volunteers, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for our local community. Together, we aim to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere for everyone joining our events and projects.

– Learn new skills or share your existing ones

Volunteering at A Heart for Duns provides you with valuable hands-on experience and enhances your skills. You can gain insight into event management, marketing and promotion, and customer service, making it an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. However, the satisfaction of knowing you have played a crucial role in bringing joy to others is simply immeasurable.

– Enjoy our events and performances

When you lend a hand during our events, you will not only contribute to their incredible successes but also get the chance to enjoy them firsthand. Your time and effort will help shape unforgettable moments for our audiences, while you, in turn, get to be a part of something truly special.

Many different ways to volunteer

Whether you are an outgoing social butterfly or a behind-the-scenes wizard, there’s a role that suits your unique skills and interests. From serving drinks at the lively bar to lending your expertise in marketing and promotion, your contribution will help us deliver exceptional programme of events and activities for our local community

No matter your availability, we have flexible volunteer roles that will fit around your schedule. Whether you can spare a couple of hours each week or want to dedicate more time, we’ll find a role that suits you perfectly. Our supportive team will provide all the training and guidance, ensuring you feel confident and prepared in your volunteer duties.

We currently need help with:

  • Setting up our events, including tasks such as dressing the chairs, tables and the hall itself
  • Serving drinks and snacks at our bar (please note you must be over 18 to help behind the bar, but for our bigger events we do need glass collectors and washers as well)
  • Welcoming event attendees and checking tickets
  • Taking photos at our events
  • Helping at our Community Larder
  • Keeping Duns Blooming Marvellous
  • Promotion and marketing such as distribution of posters and social media
  • Preparing and serving food at our monthly Community Lunches

Get in touch with us today

Ready to make a difference and be part of something special? Join the Heart for Duns Volunteer Team today! Together, we will create memorable experiences, spread joy, and strengthen the bonds within our community. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a positive impact while enjoying the satisfaction that comes from giving back.

If you want to find out more about volunteering with A Heart for Duns, please email office@aheartforduns.org or call us on 01361 884935 (please leave a message with your details and a member of team will get back in touch with you).

Thank you to all our volunteers

Without our wonderful volunteers we would not be able to provide the events and services that we do for Duns and the surrounding communities. It’s in our name – we are the Volunteer Hall!