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Pictures of some recent activities held in the Volunteer Hall are posted on the Event photos page.

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5 Responses to Volunteer Hall events

  1. David McLean says:

    The option of building on the Southfield site would face a major obstacle in that there is ongoing debate as to whether Duns Castle Estates or Scottish Borders Council actually own the site. SBC are adamant that they own it and may dispose of it as they wish. While admitting that ownership is not clear cut, Duns Castle Estates take the view that ownership reverts to them if the building ceases to be used for educational purposes (the condition of the original gift). These arguments have come to the fore recently as Southfield House Committee has explored SBC’s community asset transfer policy. Ultimately, the question of ownership can only be finally established in a court of law. But such an issue would clearly be to the detriment of any application for grant aid by A Heart For Duns.

  2. John Marjoribanks says:

    When the Royal British Legion Scotland Duns Social Club closes immediately after Armistice Day 2012, the opportunity arises to purchase the building and site contiguous with the Volunteer Hall complex. This expanded site could be developed very effectively, retaining the main Volunteer Hall and creating a valuable suite of community rooms adjacent to it.

  3. John Gray says:

    The Volunteer hall and Southfield Community Centre are very different buildings and cater for very different activities and perhaps should continue to do so. The Volunteer hall is excellently placed to cater for large functions, Open meetings, Coffee mornings, Performances and activities which require a large space (although parking is a problem). Southfield, on the other hand, has superb facilities for smaller groups and activities, has acess to outdoor space and has parking spaces. It would be a crying shame if Duns lost either of these facilities.

  4. admin says:

    The group has been working hard putting together a submission to the Big Lottery Community Spaces Fund for a grant to fund initial upgrading work on the hall and other areas including replacement of the heating system, new lighting, new suspended ceiling, new floor finish in the kitchen, insulation, upgrading of the back rooms, redecoration throughout and new signs and lighting at the front. In addition we will be making new disabled parking spaces. Other improvements are planned and these will be detailed later.

    This is the first phase of a continuing programme of improvements. Later phases will include the construction of a smaller hall, improved storage and kitchen facilities and, in the final phase the construction of new club rooms.

    This submission is on track to be submitted by 7th December and we should hear how successful we have been by February.

  5. Morna Macdonald says:

    John raises the interesting point of the differing groups using both facilities and indeed it would be a shame to lose either. As an extensive user of Southfield, both the kitchen and the outside space are vital for our groups. Unfortunately it is this outdoor space and parking which can’t be replicated at the Volunteer Hall
    As a ‘neighbour’ of the Volunteer Hall I see its many and varied uses. Dances etc generally cause us few problems (parking!) and we are pleased to see the hall being used for such functions
    I wonder what impact the eventual refurb of the former BHS will have on useable spaces and venues?

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