Volunteer Hall commemorative bunting

A Heart for Duns is asking the people of Duns and district to express how they feel about the Volunteer Hall, and the memories they have of it, by crafting a triangular flag. Our team of sewing volunteers will back your flag with plain fabric and then attached it to tape, creating a unique commemorative piece of bunting that will decorate the interior of the Volunteer Hall when we have our first major community event.

The Hall is a tremendous asset to our community and, like most entertainment venues during this time, is experiencing a challenging future. Our bunting will be an expression of how we feel about the Hall and how we all came together in these difficult times.

Step 1 All you need to do is think of something you love/remember about going to the Hall. It might be a physical thing, a feeling you have, a play/film/panto/community event/festival you attended. A visual image you remember, a song, incident, experience, line from a play, or part of the building.

Step 2 Now express that idea onto a triangular patch of fabric. You do not have to be an artist (although everyone is): you can draw, stitch, print, embroider, quilt, paint, stick or write it. Take five minutes or as long as you like.

Step 3 Please send your fabric triangle to: Commemorative Bunting, Volunteer Hall, Langtongate, Duns TD11 3AF, or put it in the green box provided outside the Hall, by the sentry box. Don’t forget to say who it is from and include contact details.

What you will need

Fabric(s) for base

For decorating base fabric: textile shapes, wool, embroidery silk and pens, stickers, ribbon, textile paints and pens, stickers. Anything you wish, but do not make it too bulky and make sure whatever you use is secure to base fabric.

Paper or cardboard for the triangle template.

Sewing machine (if necessary), glue, scissors, ruler, pins.


Make a template for your triangle so that all flags are uniform. Measurements: short side 19cm. Draw a 21cm line at right angles from centre of short side. Draw two lines, one from each end of the short side, meeting at the end of the 21cm line. There you have your triangle shape. Now add a 1cm margin on all three sides for seams. Now you can get creative!

If you need more information please contact lindasgray2@gmail.com and visit our Facebook page for inspiration and to see how our bunting is progressing.

Deadline 30 August 2020

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