The volunteers and the people they helped

New volunteer Elspeth: “I moved to Duns in October last year and being the start of winter and people staying indoors more I didn’t really get a chance to get to know people locally. When lockdown began, I began volunteering with Duns Community Action Group. I really wanted to use the time I now had to do something to put back into the community. Initially I was linked up with a couple for shopping and then another regular gentleman who I continued to support thereafter, and then a lady who I supported with picking up prescriptions and helping to put the bins out. The good thing about being linked up with someone and then continuing to support them is getting to know what they like, what brands they would usually buy, being able to have a chat when you go round to drop off the shopping, as you may be the only person they have seen all day or longer. It really is no hassle, my daughter and I take a walk out with the dog and pick up the prescription or, whatever is needed, and while doing it I’ve got to know the town more and meet and chat to people along the way.”

From Anita, who is physically disabled and shielding. Anita contacted AHFD for help and Emma McDevitt put her in touch with Morna, for friendly regular chats, and Elspeth to collect prescriptions.

“It has been extremely important to me that I had the chance speak to another human being face to face. It is not until your world suddenly becomes almost microscopic that you fully appreciate the need for human interaction. It is impossible to exaggerate the positive impact both Morna and Elspeth have had upon my life, indeed they may well have saved my life…! I admire each-and-every volunteer who has come forward during Covid-19 and applaud them all. Thank you.“

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