Relief Caretaker, Volunteer Hall: job description

The postholder will undertake the duties outlined below on an ‘as required’ basis, working alongside and assisting the Hall’s Housekeeper. The hours depend on how busy the Hall is and will probably vary on a seasonal basis. There will be some periods when a minimum of 10 hours per week will be worked — to cover the absence of the Housekeeper, for example.


• Reports to Administration Support Officer (ASO)
• Opens/closes the Hall as required
• Sets out furniture, equipment as per specification of users
• Provides a basic maintenance and technical support service
• Provides cover and support for the Housekeeper
• Works flexibly to meet the needs of the Hall and its users

Provides services required by the Hall users

1. Opens/closes the Hall as required
2. Sets out furniture, equipment etc. as required by Hall users
3. Helps to ensure that all equipment is maintained to appropriate standards
4. Provides attendance at designated events

Provides a basic maintenance and technical support service

1. Within the range of skills possessed by the postholder, undertakes maintenance duties inside and outside the Hall. This will include:
a. External grounds maintenance, cleaning and tidying
b. Basic painting etc., such as required to patch damage to doors, woodwork etc.
c. General tasks, such as hanging curtains, installing coat hooks, self-assembly furniture etc.
d. Non-specialist electrical work, such as changing plugs, lightbulbs, tubes etc.
e. Putting out advertising signs at the Hall and elsewhere in the town
2. Provides a technical support service to Hall users, particularly in relation to specialist equipment, such as the scaffold tower, lighting and sound rigs, projection equipment etc.

Provides cover and support for the Housekeeper

1. Covers the duties of the Housekeeper in his/her absence
2. Assists with cleaning etc. when required
3. Undertakes the disposal of rubbish, such as bottles, card etc.

Works flexibly to meet the needs of the Hall and its users

1. Within the appropriate constraints – health and safety etc. – ensures that clients and other users can use the Hall flexibly and comfortably
2. Acts as a point of contact for out of hours call outs
3. Carries out other duties within the spirit of this Outline as required


• The postholder will work flexibly as required over seven days
• A rota will be developed by the ASO on a monthly basis, but may be subject to change
• The postholder may be required to work late at night/early in the morning on an occasional basis
• The postholder will require to be checked by Disclosure Scotland
• The postholder will require appropriate training and certification, e.g. for assembling and working on scaffold tower, assembling lighting rig etc.

Pay and conditions

• Pay will be £7.50 per hour
• The postholder will work as required, depending on the needs of the Hall and its users
• Holidays, sickness and other allowances will be in accordance with statutory requirements, as will other conditions of service
• The postholder will be paid monthly in arrears