One year on – Notes from the Chair

It hardly seems possible that it was a year ago we were preparing the bid for the ‘Big Lottery Investing in Communities’ initiative. The bid process was intensive and involved a huge amount of work which involved quite a few people in a large amount of time. The bid was unsuccessful but in true style we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and started all over again.

We learned a great deal and one thing we realised was that we had no experience of running a Community facility such as the Volunteer Hall. Indeed we didn’t know if the community of Duns and surrounding area would support such an initiative.

Now, a year on, we have run several events and we are planning a Ceilidh in March. We will also be running the bar at several events in the Hall.

All this is aiming to ensure that the Volunteer Hall is available as a fully utilised, fully self-funded centre for the community.

We need your help. You could join our committee or one of the sub-committees, become a “Friend of the Volunteer Hall”, come along to the events that we are running and support A Heart for Duns, or just be interested and get our newsletter. The more support we get the more we can say that Duns needs the Volunteer Hall and the more chance we will have of obtaining grants to improve the facilities.

Your support now will be appreciated for generations to come.

 J Andrew Lester

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