Community planting 2019

The AHFD Community Planting team achieved a remarkable amount in a very busy year.

Keeping Duns Blooming Marvellous is awarded finance to purchase ‘Billy Bowser’ — a Polaris Ranger electric vehicle for watering the plants around town. For a small donation toward annual insurance costs, Billy (shown with driver David Philip) can also be used to help move items within Duns.

The annual Plant Sale is a roaring success and Billy Bowser helps with plant deliveries.



The Community Planting team is involved in the design and planting of the new Jim Clark Motorsport Museum gardens and Newtown Street plant beds.


Community Project leader Candy Philip is chosen to be Duns Citizen of the Year 2019, through a public nomination process organised by the town’s Rotary Club. The award is presented by Rotary Club President, Ricky Amos.


Dramatic new planters are acquired for Duns Market Square. 


The traditional beds of seasonal bedding plants brighten up Duns Park.



The new perennial planting in the town beds puts on a wonderful show.


Billy Bowser collects Christmas trees for shredding, to provide mulch for community plant beds in 2020. The donations received help pay for his running costs.