About us

The Heart of Duns logo smallA Heart for Duns is a community group of volunteers which was formed to maintain and develop the vibrancy that exists in our town. As a key part of our work we now own and manage the Volunteer Hall, and we are reshaping the facilities that it offers to best serve the needs and wishes of our community. We aim to ensure that the hall is used regularly, so generating enough income to secure its future.

You can find out more in our Constitution (PDF, 808 KB) and our Annual Report 2018 (PDF 1 MB), Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 2 MB) and Annual Report 2016 (PDF, 1 MB). See also Origin and ownership of the Hall.

There’s also a YouTube video which pays tribute to some of the volunteers who are contributing to the success of A Heart for Duns.

We hope that you will support our efforts and join us at some of the events held at the Volunteer Hall. If you would like to run a regular event there, such as a film society, quiz club or exercise class, please contact us with your ideas. Our Development Manager is Lindsay Wood: manager@aheartforduns.org

A Heart for Duns Trustees are:

Derek Janes (Chair)
Andrew Lester (Vice Chair)
Genny Dixon (Treasurer)
Eloner Crawford (Secretary)
Sandy Donaldson
Jim McDevitt
Anne McNeill
Kevin Purvis
Stuart Renton
Karen Thomas
Kathryn Wilson

Events Committee
Maureen Aitken, Eloner Crawford, Genny Dixon, Nella Feeney, Jane McDevitt, Moira Muir, Candy Phillips, Kevin Purvis, James Shirreff

Buildings Committee
Andrew Lester

Business and Finance
Genny Dixon, Derek Janes, Ronnie Nicol, Kathryn Wilson, Lindsay Wood, Liz Brown

Communications Committee
Sandy Donaldson, Linda Gray, James Shirreff, Kathleen Travers, Alex Watson, Lindsay Wood

A Heart for Duns is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC045056