A special flower display in Duns Park

Help us make a flower display in Duns Park to celebrate VE Day and make people smile — whatever your age, artistic ability or the materials you have to hand.

Some of you may have noticed that the big square flower bed, by the Polish war memorial, is looking quite sad and empty. Our plan to create a lovely wildlife-friendly garden this spring was delayed by Covid-19.

Could you help with this new Community Planting project? What we would like you to do is to make the most colourful and durable artificial flower on a stick or cane, to be 30–50cm high when pushed into the earth. Use whatever you want but do remember it could rain and we don’t want your hard work to disappear too soon! What about using recyclable materials: plastic, wood, polythene? Paint in bright colours and decorate how you like. As long as you can stick it into the earth to create a great collection of colour it will be fabulous.

This art collection will be taking place over the VE Day bank holiday weekend of 8–10 May. Come any time, push the stick into the earth while passing, avoid busy times, keep 2 metres apart. If you are self-isolating, perhaps someone could pick up your flower from your doorstep and ‘plant’ it for you?

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